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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is your warranty policy?

A. Spectra offers a 30 day standard warranty. We also provide a 5-day Right of Refusal (ROR) on our test equipment. Extended warranties are available. Contact your Account Manager for more details.

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. Our payment terms are Net-30 upon credit approval. For customers outside North America, terms are wire transfer in advance unless otherwise negotiated.

Q. Which credit cards do you accept?

A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.



Q.  I would like to acquire some equipment that you offer but don't have the capital or budget to purchase the equipment.  What are my options?

A.  Spectra Test Equipment has partnered with Direct Capital Corporation to provide our customers flexible financing solutions.  Through leasing, your buying power is increased dramatically; giving you the ability to get the right equipment, right now.

Q: Who is Direct Capital Corporation?

A. Founded in 1993, Direct Capital is an industry leading provider of financing solutions for equipment and technology.  For more than a decade, Direct Capital has helped businesses of all sizes boost sales and profits through finance offerings. 

Q: How do I begin the qualifying process?

A. You can either start the process by clicking the financing link or the banner on the front page, thatíll transfer you to Direct Capitalís website, or at our product pages. Additionally, you can reach our Finance Manager, Jonathan Mowbray, via phone (603) 766-9311 or fax (603) 766-8431.

Q: What kind of terms can I get?

A. Lease terms range from 12 to 60 months (36 months is the most popular.)

Q. What types of leases are available?

A. FMV, 10%, $1.00 buyout.

Q. What's the minmum $ that can be leased?

A. We can lease a minimum of $2,000.

Q: What are the benefits of financing?

A. According to a recent survey conducted by the Equipment Leasing Association (ELA), nearly 80% of U.S. businesses are leasing some or all of their equipment and technology.  Through leasing, your company will have a predictable cash flow and no impact on cash and credit availability.  There may be potential tax benefits, as the operating expenses may be deductible.  Most importantly, your buying power has been increased and you are able to generate revenue immediately with the equipment that you may not have been able to purchase otherwise.


Q.  How fast can you deliver the electronic test equipment I want?

A. Our standard shipping date is 1 week upon receipt of order. Our in-house lab performs the final test and QA inspection once the instrument is purchased. Depending on the workload in the lab, we can improve the shipping date on certain items. Your account manager will be able to provide a shipping date upon receipt of order.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes. Our shipping department will pack the electronic test equipment in foam-in-place InstaPakģ foam packing and double-wall boxes suitable for export.

Q. Who pays for the shipping charges?

A. The customer specifies the shipping method and pays for shipping costs, including insurance. We can either pre-pay the freight charges and add them to your invoice or we can ship freight-collect and bill freight cost directly to your account with the shipping company.

Q. Who pays for the shipping charges under warranty?

A. In the unlikely event of the customer receiving defective equipment, Spectra will pay for the return shipping costs. If the customer does not want the unit for any reason other than defect and elects to return the unit within the 5-day ROR period, the customer pays for the return shipping charges. The customer is responsible to insure the instrument for its full value when shipping back to Spectra. If the test equipment is returned to Spectra under the ninety day warranty period, the customer pays the cost of freight and insurance to Spectra and Spectra will pay the return freight and insurance to the customer.

Reconditioned Equipment FAQ:

Q. What is the condition of the equipment that you sell.

A. Spectra sells reconditioned test equipment that has been inspected, repaired, and calibrated by our experienced technicians. Our on-site laboratory that can provide MIL-STD/ISO9000 and NIST-traceable calibration services if required. The equipment is painted and any damaged knobs or other external parts are replaced to make the equipment look like new. What the customer gets is high-quality equipment that looks and functions like new at a fraction of the original cost. Each piece of equipment that we sell is covered by our 90-day warranty. Contact your Account Manager for more details.

Q. How much can I save by purchasing reconditioned electronic test equipment?

A. Our customers typically enjoy a 30% to 70% savings off the original list price of the instrument.

Q. Does Spectra buy used test equipment?

A. Yes! If you have excess or surplus electronic test equipment, we can help. We can buy your instruments or trade for electronic test equipment that is needed in your lab. Contact us.

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